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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro

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My new Epiphone Nighthawk | The Gear Page

Free Shipping. Takes Apple Pay. Takes Afterpay Financing. Privacy Policy. Editorial Disclosure. Social Pages. Sign up with Facebook. Who cares where it's made. Does it sound good and feel good to you? I played one recently and will own one soon. They are killer little guitars with some very cool tones. Jan 13, 6. Is that a mini or a Firebird pickup? Jan 13, 7.

Messages: 12, I just told a friend yesterday in fact that it may well be THE best electric i have owned in my 40 years of an endless stream of them. I literally feel as tho if i could only have one guitar of all the guitars i have ever owned, this may well be the one.

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I'm a dyed in the wool strat man and have been for decades. And that is the only reason i used the word "may" be the one instead of defintely would be. But i feel the NH is the better guitar, bias towards a certain sound aside.

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Tuning is smoother than nearly anything i've owned, quality is truly as close to flawless as i can imagine anything being aside for top like and boutique stuff. I really believe if TGP'rs could all try one for a day they'd be flying off the shelf so fast you'd be lucky to find one.

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You kinda have to own one for a bit to really get just how great they are. And for the money It's the 1 most stupid deal i have ever gotten on any guitar. I bought 5 guitars in Selling this one is just unthinkable. Jan 13, 8.

I am normally a Telecaster player, but this Nighthawk is really winning me over. The neck is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 13, 9. Jan 13, I ordered the guitar at Christmas time. Fred , Jan 13, Guys who own the Gibson models are pissed at how good and how cheaply priced the Epi variants are.

Acoustic-Electric Guitars

I have a friend of a friend that swears other than the headstock and electronics the Epi is easily toe too toe with his Gibby. V-Type , Jan 13, Seen It For Less? Learn More. Premium Warranty. Bajaao Best Sellers. Great Design Feature While the new LP-Express is still a true Les Paul at heart, Epiphone incorporated some unique design features to ensure that the guitar performs well for beginners as well as professionals looking for a travel guitar.

While the body is made from Mahogany like most classic Les Pauls, the neck on the Express is hard Maple as opposed to a traditional Mahogany neck.

Epiphone Electric Guitars

This gives the guitar a little more high-end "bite" or brighter tone which effectively offsets the slightly looser string tension due to the shorter scale length. Additionally, the fully-adjustable Epiphone FB "fixed" bridge makes string changes a breeze. Finally, the neck is bolted in place securely using four recessed bolts set into a tapered heel making upper fret access easy and comfortable.