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This makes the selection of the right badminton racket to be a difficult task at first. There are a few factors that you need to consider to choose the right racket to suit your requirements. Badminton rackets are classified on the basis of their balance.

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In Head-Heavy rackets, the entire mass is shifted to the head that results in a heavy head. In Head-Light rackets, the entire mass gets shifted to the handle that results in a light head. In case of an even-balance racket, the total mass gets uniformly distributed throughout the area of the racket.

Depending on your comfort, you can pick the racket with the right balance. Shaft flexibility is another critical factor at the time of buying a badminton racquet. The right level of flexibility depends on the wrist or arm speed. If you are an advanced player or the speed of your arms or wrist is quick, then you will find racket with a stiffer shaft to be more useful. Beginners and people whose arms are slower should go for a flexible shaft. If you are not sure about how much flexibility you require, then go for a badminton racket with medium flexibility or medium-stiffness flexibility.

This number is inversely proportional to the weight of the badminton racket. So, a racket that has a smaller number is heavier and vice versa. A racket that has 4U number has 80g to 84g of weight. If you play as a single player, you should go for the lighter option 3U as it provides you more overall mass and higher stability. This option gives more speed to the player and enables him to react at a much quicker speed at the net. Rackets come in G4 and G5 as standard. The smaller number denotes larger handle size.

Pick the standard that provides you best grip. Backpack style shoulder straps. Yet another HOT badminton bag from What makes the Voltric ZForce 2 badminton racket unique? It is one of the first badminton rackets with Yonex Co. Yonex Duora 55 Badminton Racket. The Yonex Duora 55 badminton racket is equipped with the Dual optimum system allowing you to hit the right type of shots most of the times.

The Yonex Duora Victor Lightfighter Badminton Racket. Featuring a stiff shaft and an even balance, the LF badminton rackey enables players Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racket. The Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racket is perfect for advanced players, constructed with Aerofoil grommets that help reduce aerodynamic drag by sitting flush against the racket while the Vortex geometry Yonex Voltric Glanz Badminton Racket.

The Voltric Glanz badminton racket has an ultra-thin, yet super stiff shaft and ultra-aerodynamic head shape allow Lingmei 80 Badminton Shuttlecocks.

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A truly exceptional value for local and national tournaments. Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket. If you are an intermediate player, this is the perfect badminton racket for you. When using it, you can achieve an incredibly strong forehand smash. The pros of this badminton racket make it an ideal choice.

The Yonex Astrox Series

They include fast responses, the defense you need to defeat your component, and—last but not least—clears that are epic. One disadvantage is that compared to other rackets, the Yonex Duora is relatively expensive. Nevertheless, that should not hold you back because it is worth the price. For the budget conscious, Yonex has created this product.

It is not only affordable but also performs flawlessly, especially for a trainee. Since it is lightweight, swinging will be natural and encouraging. Its long handle provides excellent flexibility. This product ensures that the shuttle heads in the right direction. I love how it facilitates great smashes and control as well. It is one of the few low-budget badminton rackets that offer something worth your money.

The Yonex Nanoray 20 may not be the best of the best, especially if you are a professional, but it exceeds the expectation of many casual players when they compare its price and the performance. Thanks to its weight and speed, this is the perfect candidate for defense. For the front-court, expect it to help you get fast reactions when defending against your opponent. There are many things I like about this racket, and it comes as a surprise because of its price. The power and the tension are good.

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On top of that, it is lightweight and, as a result, swift. Expect smooth clears, decent smashes, nice net shots, and excellent repulsions as well. Its main con is the fact that it does not match the performance of the more expensive Yonex rackets. This badminton racquet is made of graphite, and it is no secret how the material is responsible for a lightweight yet durable product.

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The length is 27 inches. Its design is a blend of style, functionality, and simplicity. It does a good job helping you to improve your speed and your game on the whole. Struggling with air resistance will be a thing of the past, which means that your game cannot get anything but better. One thing that I love about it is its thin frame.

As much as it is thin, the bottom is thick, hence no need to worry about its durability. It is a great choice if you have a tight budget. Use it on the back, mid, and front but do not expect too much when it comes to backhand shots. It has some pros that rank it among the best Yonex rackets. It is fast enough for defense purposes, and the power is decent for a powerful smash—especially if you are skilled—and it provides easy clears as well. In addition, its great flexibility is an added advantage.

Major cons are that it is relatively heavy and could disappoint big time if you do backhand shots.