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Swarovski EL Field Pro 10x42 Swarovision Binoculars, Green

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Sling Bags. Lens Bags. Roller Bag. Laptop Bags. Bag Management. Filter Wallets. Used Nikon Cameras. This shop is not currently part of our online partner program. The offer information is here to help you compare against other offers. As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here. Home Search swarovski 10x42 el binoculars. Imported Products. Price Range. Related Articles. Top Picks. R34 R33 R51 R42 R45 Swarovski El 10X42 Rangefinder Binoculars. Write a Review.

Brand: Swarovski Category: Uncategorized. The master craftsmanship underlying these binoculars is proven by razor-sharp Brand: Swarovski. Swarovski EL Range 10x42 Binocular. Brand: Swarovski Category: Binoculars. Swarovski Binocs 10X42 El.

Swarovski EL O-Range 10x42 Binoculars review

Yet there are subtle differences among the Titans. All three are premium optics for the owner who wishes to acquire the state of the art. We begin with the completely new product from Leica, the Noctivid. Leica's optical quality was already legendary in the older Leica Ultravid Plus. Leica is known for delivering a crystalline image.

There really wasn't a lot of room for improvement. However, Leica has come up with enhancements. The new Noctivid brings a new outward appearance to the Leica line and, in our view, a greatly improved level of ergonomics and comfort. Stray light is controlled with a new internal baffle system. In this respect the Noctivid performs noticeably better than the old Leica Ultravid and is comparable to the edge-to-edge sharpness of the Zeiss and the Swarovski.

Scoring the Titans

The anti-reflective coatings on all the Noctivid's lenses and prisms have been optimized to transmit the entire visible spectrum of light. This gives the Noctivid virtually perfect color neutrality. Close focus — The Noctivid focuses as close as 6. Eye relief — A binocular's eye relief is determined by the design of the eyepiece. In general, the longer a binocular's eye relief, the narrower its field of view.

For the Noctivid, Leica has come up with a new eyepiece design that supports its wide field of view and yet maintains a generous 19 mm of eye relief in the 10x42 as well as in the 8x42 model, allowing glasses wearers the same pleasure of a wide field of view as non wearers of glasses.

The Noctivid should provide no problem in that respect. Perhaps we were expecting something similar to the older Ultravid when we opened the box and took out the Leica Noctivid for the first time.

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