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There are different objectives of every organization. In order to achieve these objectives different targets are set. Targets pass down the hierarchy depending on the nature of the business. Therefore, in order to achieve the objectives, management decides on different strategies. These strategies are divided into many sub-parts and are useful for the running of the business. The employees and the management know what they have to achieve through the targets which have been set to them and the strategies they have adopted help them know the way they will achieve the objectives.

Similarly, Pizza Hut has different targets set to them and they have adopted different strategies to successfully achieve the targets set. These targets are set by the RSC i. These targets are passed on to the RGM restaurant general manager and he passes them to the workforce. These targets fall within the organizational structure in which there are many people who have different targets to achieve. In order to successfully achieve the targets they need to co-operate and work in a friendly environment.

In last 6 years, foreign investment in this sector stood at rs. Because of the availability of raw material for fast food, global chains are flooding into the country. The percentage share held by foodservice of total consumer expenditure on food has increased from a very low base to stand at 2. Eating at home remains very much ingrained in Indian culture and changes in eating habits are very slow moving with barriers to eating out entrenched in certain sectors of Indian society.

The growth in nuclear families, particularly in urban India, exposure to global media and western cuisine and an increasing number of women joining the workforce have had an impact on eating out trends. They do not have much presence in tier ii cities. Since then, that business has grown into a global network of over 8, pizza stores in more than 60 countries, involving over 2, franchises.

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Domino's pizza India ltd. Moreover, the company holds the master franchisee rights for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh through its wholly owned subsidiary.. Dominos pizza India has a network of stores, in 55 cities, in 20 states and union territories as on 31st august According to the India retail report ,dominos are the largest pizza chain in India and the fastest growing multinational fast food chain between and in terms of number of stores. Domino's vision is focused on " exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world!

Domino's pizza constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of its consumers and hence delighting them. Thus, time and again domino's pizza has been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts, toppings and flavors suitable to the taste buds of Indian consumers. Further, providing value for money at affordable products to the consumers has been dominos motto. Initiatives such as fun meal and pizza mania have been extremely popular with consumers.

The brand positioning of khushiyon ki home delivery happiness home delivered is the emotional benefit dominos offer to consumers. Major products they offer are pizzas, appetizers, pastas, cakes and beverages. They had the idea to open a pizza parlour. In , the first franchise unit opened in topeka, kansas. Ten years later, pizza hut was serving one million customers a week in their locations.

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In , pizza hut was put on the new york stock exchange under the ticker symbol piz. Until , pepsi owned pizza hut, the company also controlled a vast network of fast-food operations that included kfc, pizza hut, and taco bell. With 29, locations across the world, the restaurant group was the largest in the world.

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However, pepsico decided to spin off its restaurant business as a separate company. Pizza hut is one of the flagship brands of yum! Brands, inc. This is because at pizza hut the belief is that every pizza has its own magic, thus making it a destination product — which everyone seeks. It is this belief that has ignited the passion to create, innovate and serve the finest product the industry has to offer, while setting standards for others to strive to replicate.

Pizza hut is committed for providing uncompromising product quality, offering customers the highest value for money and giving service that is warm, friendly and personal. In having understood the pulse of the customers in India, pizza hut has clearly established itself as a brand with an Indian heart.

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Over the years pizza hut has also developed and successfully introduced a range of products especially suited to the Indian palate. These products like chicken tikka, spicy korma, picy paneer and the masala and tandoori pizzas have been a tremendous success. What has also given pizza hut acompetitive edge is that in addition to an extensive range of internationally renowned pizzas like the Italian, the proprietary pan pizza and stuffed crust, in India the menu offers the option of a complete meal.

It includes appetizers, a salad bar - where the customers can make their own fresh salads, a range of soups, pastas and desserts etc. Pizza hut is akin to the Indian heart and taste buds. Pizza hut has been able to capture the heart and soul of Indians.

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This, they achieved through rapid Indianization of pizzas. Chicken tikkas, tandoori range and spicy korma were welcomed by pizza lovers. It also has a special jain friendly menu without root based ingredients and even serves salad dressings without eggs!!! Through The Looking Glass Thinking out of the box was never new at pizza hut. The vehicle for this change was the stuffed crust pizza which has become a huge hit.

Talk about bringing changes!!! Pizza hut is really going global. Tuscani pastas that is truly italian is now at every pizza hut outlet.

With changing tastes of Indians and greater acceptance of international cuisines, pizza hut has introduced 30 new items on its menu for this festival season. These include beverages, pasta and desserts.

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  7. Pizza hut express outlets were launched at malls, airports, department stores and gas stations which offers a reduced version of the menu for globe trotters and busy bees. Moreover pizza hut is not just a hangout zone for youngsters. It organizes birthday bashes, kitty parties and corporate lunches. Tracing Footsteps Many pizza lovers would still remember the havoc that occurred in mid april in which some dull witted dominos employees posted a kitchen video of dominos that clearly showed the lack of sanitation in their kitchen in youtube.

    The video attracted millions of views in a few hours and was indeed viral. Dominos did an excellent job of crisis management and used social media to spread a viral video in which the company president took control of the situation and apologized to the public, announced separation of the company from wrong doers and their prosecution.

    He also guaranteed that such issues will not happen again. Dominos clearly proved that communication meant engagement, transparency and responsiveness to the interaction with customers. Through The Looking Glass It has never been difficult for dominos to find out novel ways to enthrall its customers. Delicacies that do not rip wallets have always got the crowd coming back to the dominos although its ambience is not up to that of its competitors. Khushion ki home delivery, where the order gets delivered in less than 30 minutes.

    All other activities, be it new variants, great service, timely deliveries or more for the same price the effort of dominos has always been directed towards making its customers happy. The employees undergo extensive training to achieve technical finesse and leadership qualities. The newly chosen chefs are trained by the older and more experienced ones for a period of about 20 days. Pizza hut takes pride in walking the talk with the leadership principles of yum restaurants.

    These values include customer focus, trust in people, recognition, accountability, excellence, positive energy and team work. The customer focus is so high that they have separate systems in place to satisfy vegetarian customers. Vegetarian dishes are prepared and served using separate green spatulas. Pizza hut considers its employees to be the greatest strength. From the viewpoint of a customer it is the variety and taste of pizzas which is directly tied to its employees!

    The menu remains constant throughout the country and varieties are just added. The newest entrants into the Indian menu were stuff crust pizzas and cheesy bites Vegetables, meat, and other additives are supplied by one common vendor. Dominos Dominos has been voted as the best employer by leading news daily, times of India for the year The chefs of dominos pizza India are recruited by the hr department located in noida after careful evaluation.

    Employees at dominos are also smiling as they get incentives on meeting sales target and are also credited for their performance.