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The Third option on the left menu of the Promotion page is Actions.

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You have to select it and start applying actions on your new rule. The first field Apply needs you to provide the info about how your rule will be applied. Select the value by the drop-down menu. You can select Percent of Product price Discount if you want to apply some percentage of the amount depending on the product that you have bought. Fixed amount discount if you want to apply a fixed amount regardless of any product or item. Fixed amount discount for whole cart allows you to apply fixed amount on the whole cart and last Buy X get Y free means if you buy the product you will get Y product for free.

This option is also feasible if you want to attract more customers. Discount Amount is the field where you have to put the discount value that you want to apply.

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If Apply to Shipping Amount is set to No , this means the shipping amount that you are charging on shipment of the product is excluded. It means you are not applying the discount on this amount. Free Shipping if you want to give your customers free shipping on only this particular rule you have to set this value to Yes.

If no then set this value to No. Stop Further Rules Processing if you want no further rules to be applied after this particular rule. Set this value to Yes or No. After doing all the above actions, press the orange Save button to save all the configurations that you have made. After adding new rules you have to generate coupon codes. For this, go to the last option from your left menu i.

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Here you need to enter the Coupon Information. Coupon Qty field requires the information regarding the quantity of the coupon that you want to generate the code for. Code Length Here you have to enter the integer value indicating the length of your code.

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Dash Every X Characters here if you want — dash to appear after some numbers then enter the value after which you want the dash. For example, if I want the dash to appear after every 5 numbers, then I have to put 5 here. And each of these coupons can be used on Catalog version A or Catalog version B. Also checkout worked fine with this modification. All I did was disable the CatalogRule Observer on some session conditions.

But there is another problem. Product listing collection takes price from another model and once I find where I'll submit my solutions as a community extension.

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